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Our Contract




Puppy Sales Guarantee and Contract


11616 Reche Canyon rd.

Colton Ca 92324




Lucky charm oldens guarantees the following puppy to be purebred and to provide buyer with AKC registration documents. 




Breed: Golden Retriever




Date of Birth:  








Seller: Lucky Charm Oldens


Representative: Tammy Giese




Buyer(s) shall give consideration in the form of the purchase price of $ 4000.00

The seller hereby accepts a non-refundable deposit of Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) to be given/mailed to Seller with contract toward purchase of the puppy identified above.

The full purchase price of $ 4,000.00 is agreed with balance due before the delivery of chosen puppy.  If paying upon pickup must be cash. If paying by PayPal, Venmo or Zelle please make payment 1 week prior to pickup date. These are forms of payment accepted. 



Buyer(s) Initials ________________



Breeder has inquired of the purchaser his or her past experience with dogs and in particular with this specific breed Golden Retriever and based on information received is willing to place a puppy with the purchaser.  The breeder has pointed out to the purchaser the main conditions this breed is prone to and to the health schemes followed to reduce the risk of such health conditions.  Every puppy is an individual and the breeder can not be held responsible should conditions, genetic or otherwise, develop later in life.  Keeping that in mind, the Breeder guarantees the following:






1.  This puppy has been wormed several times as well as been preventatively treated for coccidia and giardia.  This puppy has had its first Parvo vaccine and has had a physical by a licensed veterinarian with a clean bill of health.

2.  All necessary care has been taken to only breed the healthiest of dogs with pedigrees that indicate good genetic backgrounds. However, in the unlikely event that your dog should have a genetic defect of one of four tested clearance areas, we do offer a warranty. Lucky charm goldens offers a one-year warranty on any puppy with clinical signs of hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia and a preliminary OFA report confirming either moderate or severe hip dysplasia or grade III elbow dysplasia that is proven to affect quality of life of puppy. A copy of the x-ray must be furnished to Lucky Charm Goldens and if we determine that the dog was poorly positioned, we reserve the right to require the dog to be re-x-rayed by a vet of our choice.  The puppy is also warrantied until the age of one year for genetic defects of the heart or eyes. If there is a heart defect, the diagnosis must be confirmed by a letter to breeder from a reputable licensed veterinary cardiologist stating that in his/her opinion this condition is congenital and present from birth of puppy. If there is an eye defect, the diagnosis must be confirmed by a letter to breeder from a reputable licensed veterinarian ophthalmologist stating that in his/her opinion this condition is congenital. In the event of a confirmed genetic defect as listed above, the buyer can return the dog to the breeder and we will replace a puppy as soon as possible.  (Replacement puppy may not be available until our next planned litter). We also reserve the right to acquire DNA to determine that the dog or puppy is one of our lineages. Puppy must be returned to the breeder at buyer’s expense. Breeder will not be held liable for any expenses incurred by buyer, including but not limited to veterinarian bills and transportation costs. A refund is possible at the sale of said replacement puppy by breeder. Puppy or refund within 12mo period usually much sooner. If buyer chooses to keep puppy with medical issue breeder will not be responsible for any cost related to keeping said puppy once it is agreed upon to warranty the puppy. ***As much as we make every effort to produce only the healthiest and self-confident puppies, no breeder can guarantee a puppy will never develop any health problems, just as children are not guaranteed to develop health issues throughout their life. Some things cannot be predicted. Sire and Dam are free of diseases, disorders, and health problems otherwise they would not be bred. We aim to give the puppy the best foundation for a healthy life. Please keep the Breeder informed about puppy’s health throughout his/her life.

3.  All puppies are examined by a licensed veterinarian and given a clean bill of health before they leave our home. To the best of the breeder’s knowledge, this puppy has no known diseases or illnesses that would adversely affect its health. This puppy is guaranteed to be free of untreatable health conditions. In order for this guarantee to be valid, the buyer must take their puppy to a licensed veterinarian of their choice for the puppy’s check-up within 72 hours of purchase. If your puppy is found to have a disease that is untreatable or found to have a hereditary disease, then a letter from the licensed veterinarian stating so must be presented to the seller within 10 days of delivery. In this case, the puppy will be returned to the seller within the same 10 days and a refund of (full purchase price not including transportation will be given to the buyer at that time, thus ending this contract entirely. This refund does not include any expenses incurred by the buyer or by the buyer’s veterinarian. The breeder will not be held liable for any expenses incurred by the buyer, including but not limited to veterinarian bills and shipping. 

4.  Breeder is not responsible if puppy contracts a communicable disease after leaving our property.

5.  We only breed the most intelligent, loving, and friendly dogs. However, due to environmental and training issues out of our control, once the puppy leaves our home, breeder cannot warranty the temperament of the puppy.

6.  Breeder does not guarantee color, size, championship or look of any puppy.



Initials of Breeder___________ Initials of Buyer(s)/Owner(s) ___________





1.  Buyer has permitted the dog to be underfed or overfed at any time. Recent research shows that diet and physical condition is a major contributor and many times is even the cause of hip and joint problems in large dogs. Although these things can be caused by genetics; poor diet, over feeding, and improper exercise of a puppy/dog are known contributors to these disorders.  

2.  There is evidence of neglect or abuse.

3.  Injuries have occurred while under the care of the buyer, such as a broken bone, trauma, etc.

4.  Dog has been bred.

5.  Dog has been fed anything other than foods on our approved dog food list or foods rated by or rated a 3 or higher.

6.  Buyer has not complied with the following, prior to the dog reaching two (2) years of age:  this dog should not go faster on a leash than to break a trot, be put on a tread-mill; go up and down more than half flights of stairs (over 8 steps); play roughly with older dogs or children; stand on his/her back legs for extended periods of time..

7.  Buyer has not had puppy/dog vaccinated as recommended by Lucky Charm Oldens 

8. Dog has not been on heart worm preventive medicine as recommended.

9. Dog is kept tied.






Lucky Charm Goldens are sold on a limited registration which means that this pup is not expected to ever be bred. Based on current research, Lucky Charm goldens would prefer the puppy stay intact throughout its growing period and believes that having the natural full complement of hormones is necessary for proper growth and development.  You need to understand that later is better regarding spaying or neutering as altering before fully grown can compromise the dog’s skeletal structure, keep them from maturing properly, and predispose them to cancers. You also understand and agree that if the dog is spayed/neutered before the age of 18 months then the health guarantee is null and void.  If you are unable to wait until close to two years old, please communicate the specifics of the situation with Tammy Giese and we can discuss making an exception.


Lucky Charm Goldens reserves the right to proceed with legal action if this puppy is either inadvertently or intentionally bred.  By signing this agreement, you are agreeing to pay Lucky Charm Goldens $5000 as a penalty fee for non-compliance of this contract. Breeding a puppy given limited registration will immediately void this contract.  



Buyer has read and understands all of the terms and provisions contained in this agreement.  Buyer understands that the terms and provisions contained constitute a binding agreement and constitutes the entire agreement of the parties with respect to the sale and purchase of the puppy.


This contractual agreement is made, executed, and will remain in the jurisdiction of the state of California. If for any reason, litigation should occur, the venue shall lie in San Bernardino County, California.



Dated: ____________________________, 20___        Dated: _____________________________, 20___


__________________________________________        _____________________________________________

(Seller’s signature)    (Buyer’s signature)



__________________________________________    _____________________________________________

(Seller’s signature)    (Buyer’s signature)


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