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What to Feed Your Puppy

One of the most important things you can do for your golden retriever is to feed the a healthy food. If you start them out right, then the better chance they will have a healthy life.

There are many high quality foods out there in various price brackets. We choose to feed our puppies Taste of the Wild, as well as Diamond Naturals. They are rated 4-5 stars on most dog food ratings.

There are also other quality foods out there such as Canidae, Fromm, Blue Buffalo, Orijen and Acana. Price points can very. It is important to find a food that your dog likes as well as good on their stomachs. Sometimes certain foods will irritate their stomach causing flatulence, or even diarrhea.

We do not necessarily recommend store brand foods and the run of the mill foods that generally cost $20 for a large bag. Most are filled with fillers and byproducts. The healthier the food, the less supplements that you will need to give in the long run.

It's also important to use a puppy food for at least the first year of life. A puppy food has varying amounts of calories and protein that is relative to a growing pup. Adults nutritional necessities are actually very different. So look for a food directed to a large breed puppy. It is our hope that if you get a English cream golden retriever either from us or someone else, you will feed them with the best possible food.

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